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Craft fair newbie at Quorn

Last Sunday I attended my first craft fair, the Quorn Food & Craft Trail. My stall was between a fabulous plant stall and delicious jam and chutney makers Being veterans to the craft fair scene they both very kindly helped me with putting up my gazebo and being supportive throughout the day, providing me with a box to perch on at the end of the day when I really felt the need to sit down for a bit.

The event seemed to go really well (according to the veterans next door) and there was a steady stream of people throughout the day. I made my first sale of a bear to a lovely couple in the morning. I had to keep my hand steady using the card reader for the first time and double checking around 10 times to make sure the payment had gone through. My first sale at my first craft fair!

As well as selling animal heads which I was so pleased about (and kept texting my family with updates - Debra sold, Colin sold etc), I also really enjoyed watching people's reactions. The animal heads seem to make most people smile or laugh as they walked past which was great, and lots of little kids went snap snap at the crocodiles. It was also interesting talking to people stopping by who also sewed and we discussed techniques, fabrics and stuffings.

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